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Orthopedic Screening of New Born
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About Orthopedic Screening of New Born

Some children are born with varying orthopaedic diseases. For instance, there are always chances that a baby may have club feet, congenital dislocation hip, or congenital dislocation of knee. The causes and symptoms of these orthopaedic diseases differ. But each of these congenital orthopaedic diseases can be cured if the diagnosis and treatment starts on time. That is why; the parents must perform orthopaedic tests of the new born by a skilled orthopaedic to cure these diseases completely and effectively.


A new born baby may suffer with a number of orthopaedic problems. The causes of individual conditions differ. An experienced orthopaedic has to identify the exact condition and its causes by performing a variety of tests and diagnoses. They even perform neonatal orthopaedic screening to identify the causes of orthopaedic problems accurately and start the treatment immediately.


The symptoms of congenital orthopaedic diseases differ. But the physicians cannot identify the symptoms of congenital orthopaedic diseases simply by examining the new born baby physically. They recommend a variety of tests and elaborate neonatal orthopaedic screening to identify the symptoms of each condition accurately. The neonatal orthopaedic screening further helps the orthopaedic to identify and observe the symptoms precisely.


A new born baby may suffer from various orthopaedic diseases. But the orthopaedics cannot diagnose the conditions or disorders without performing elaborate neonatal orthopaedic screening. The neonatal orthopaedic screening includes X-ray, ultrasound, MRI scan, and CT scan. Hence, the image examinations help the orthopaedic to diagnose the orthopaedic diseases precisely and decide the most appropriate treatment plan.


The orthopaedic cannot treat congenital orthopaedic disease surgically. They find it difficult to perform surgery on a new born baby. But they still need to treat the congenital orthopaedic disease immediately based on the image tests and neonatal orthopaedic screening. The experienced orthopaedic further observe the child consistently to assess the effectiveness of their treatment plan. They still implement the treatment plan at the earliest to cure the orthopaedic disease completely.


The orthopaedic treat new born babies non-surgically. But they observe the condition and symptoms of the orthopaedic disease consistently. They even require the parents to treat the diseases effectively by making the child practice stretching exercises and receiving medication. The parents can easily reduce the recovery period by performing orthopaedic tests and starting treatment without any delay.

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