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Orthopedics deals with the treatment of the musculoskeletal system of the body. It deals with the problems of the bones and muscles to relieve the patients of the joint aches and other complications related to this part of the body. Pediatric orthopedics is a special branch of the subject which deals specifically with the musculoskeletal problems of the kids.

The musculoskeletal systems of the kids differ majorly from that of the adults majorly because it is still in the developmental stage. This is one of the major reasons why the bodies of the kids react differentially to injuries related to the same. This is why special training is required to help the kids and young adults with their orthopedic problems. Another problem with pediatric orthopedics is the fact that kids are incapable of answering to medical questions as well as others and examining them might pose to be a difficult task at times. Special care also has to be taken as while treating them as their response to medicine is different from that of the adults.

There are many conditions in the kids which might not be very visible right now but if left untreated may cause problems and serious deformities in the future of the kids. Pediatric orthopedics helps get rid of all these various problem with ease so that the kid can get a better and problem free future which will be devoid of the various orthopedic complications which might affect their career as well as life. Pediatric orthopedics also deals with the various deformities which may occur during the birth of the kid like congenital hip dislocation as well as various musculoskeletal abnormalities which may be developed later due to some kind of injuries while growing up.

Are you looking for a pediatric orthopedic in Kolkata? Do you want the best possible treatment for your kid within an affordable budget? Well, you must visit Kids Orthopedics. Kids Orthopedics is run by Dr. Soumya Paik who has had years of experience in the field. He has completed his MBBS from Asia’s oldest medical college Medical College Kolkata and went on to do his masters in orthopedics from Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education & Research, Kolkata (IPGME&R). After completing his studies he got a special training on pediatric orthopedics from B. J. Wadia Hospital for Children. He is currently residing in Kolkata and has his clinics in eminent hospitals like Apex, AMRI, Institute of Child Health and ILS where you can book an appointment for the best possible treatment for your kid. Dr. Soumya Paik also offers assistance in cases of cerebral palsy which although can’t be completely cured can be managed with proper counseling and support.

Being one of the most eminent doctors for pediatric orthopedic in Kolkata, Dr. Soumya Paik has a humongous success rate in the treatment of various orthopedic distresses which the kids and the young adults usually face. This makes him one of the most sought after doctors. You can visit the official website of Kids Orthopedics for all the related details of what kind of problems he undertakes. You can also book an appointment from the official website itself. The contact information of Dr. Soumya Paik is provided on the website and you can either call him or e-mail him with any queries you have related to the same.

So what are you still waiting for? Visit Kids Orthopedics right now and get the best possible pediatric orthopedic treatment in Kolkata for your kid in a convenient and affordable manner for a better future of the little one.

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