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Dr. Soumya Paik is one of the best younger Orthopedic surgeons, as yet to date I have dealt and experienced with. My son, Sauradeep Sarkar was suffering from Wry Neck (due to Torticollis or Sternocleidomastoid in left side) and with his experttize, my only ward was successfully and more than satisfactorily operated by him on 8th June, 2016. Besides, Dr. Paik is soulfully considerate, personable, attentive, understanding and accommodating. Above all these, he is an extremely capable surgeon. I feel proud that my only ward has been successfully, satisfactorily and aesthetically operated by him. Read more


My son, Ayushmaan Ghosh became badly Injured on 17th April, 2016. He fall from bed and fractured his left elbow. The bone was split into two pieces. Then I got to know about Dr. Soumya Paik, who is pediatric orthopedic surgeon, from a relative. I was worried when I first saw him because he is very young. But I can say now that he is one of the most efficient doctor in his field. He operated my son on 18th April, 2016 and the surgery is called “Scar-less Surgery”. Three pins were inserted in his left elbow. My son had to carry the plaster for one month. Then the plaster was pulled off and those three pins were taken out. Today his left hand movement is absolutely normal and there is no blotch or scratch from the operation except a tiny mark. Above all, Dr. Paik is always connected with you through whatsapp, message etc. So I can say that he is a doctor on whom we can depend. Read more


It’s a privilege for me to write down this testimonial recommending Dr. Soumya Paik. I am, Sk Intaz Ali -father of Sk Ahan Ali, glad to share this story to all of you, whose family are going through same situation like us. Ahan was born with deformed legs and after consulting a number of surgeons, Dr. Paik put back the smiles on our face again as the operation was successful and Ahan completely recovered after a week. Thanks to Dr. Paik, I’m sharing this story to all of you out there who are facing or dealing with problem like us. Hope you & your kid will soon recover from the trauma & will have a happy future ahead. Read more


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