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Radial Club Hand
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About Radial Club Hand

Some children are born with underdeveloped or missing radius bond in arms. The missing or underdeveloped radius bone makes the child’s hand bent towards his body. The chances of a child being born with radical club hand are rare. But the severity of radical club hand differs from one child to another. Based on severity, radical club hand can be classified into four levels – types I, II, III, and IV. However, the parents must get the child’s radical club hand treated by a skilled orthopaedic without any delay.


Normally, radical club hand is caused due to underdeveloped or missing radius bond in arms. But the condition can affect a single or both hands of a child. Also, the condition occurs during very early stages of pregnancy. Sometimes unilateral radical club hand is inherited by a child without any specific causes. On the other hand, bilateral radical club hand is caused due to specific health problems or syndromes related to heart, kidneys, or blood cells.


Radical club hand changes the balance of muscles and nerves in a child’s hand. The condition sometimes makes specific muscles or nerves missing. Likewise, the affected hand of the child appears shorter than the other hand. Also, the condition can result in a small or missing thumb. The parents must get the child’s hand examined by a skilled orthopaedic to identify the exact symptoms and cause of radical club hand.


The experienced orthopaedic can easily diagnose radical club hand by examining the baby’s hand. Some physicians even refer the baby to a specialist for additional diagnosis and effective treatment. However, the parents must stay confident and optimistic throughout the diagnosis process. Likewise, they must make the child feel confident and positive about his hand as he grows.


An experienced orthopaedic can treat radical club hand in a number of ways. But the skilled orthopaedic always decide the right treatment plan based on the severity of the radical club hand and child’s health condition. They try to treat the condition initially non-surgically through stretches, splints, and similar therapeutic exercises. But they perform stretch the soft tissues surgically if the condition persists despite the therapeutic exercises. The orthopaedic have to perform surgery according to the type of radical club hand. Sometimes they have to perform multiple surgeries in a number of phases.


The child has to perform stretching, splinting, and similar therapeutic exercises for a specific period of time, if the doctor decides to treat his radical club hand non-surgically. However, the orthopaedic must examine the child’s hand consistently to assess the effectiveness of the treatment plan. On the other hand, the recovery period will differ if the orthopaedic has to perform surgery. Also, the surgery and post-operative care will vary according to the type of radical club hand. However, the orthopaedic will perform the surgery in phases and only after the child attains a specific age.

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