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Bow Legs & Knock Knees
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About Bow Legs & Knock Knees

Normally, each child’s legs appear bowed till he is two years old. Likewise, a child’s knees appear knocked till he is six years old. But if the child’s legs remain bowed after two years of age, the parents must start treatment for bowlegs or Genu Varum. The parents also need to start treatment for knock-knees or Genu Valgum if the child’s legs still angle inwards after three or four years of age.


Both bow legs and knock knees are normal. But the parents must start treatment for bowlegs or knock knees if the symptoms are severe. Often bow legs and knock knees are caused due to underlying bone diseases like osteomalacia or rickets. However, the causes of these bone diseases differ from one child to another.


The symptoms of both bone diseases include unequal or excessive knee angles. The parents must get the child diagnosed for bow leg if his inward or outward knee angle is excessive. Likewise, they also need to check if the knee angle remains more than 15 degrees. Also, they need to check of the child experiences pain in the knee angle.


The experienced orthopaedic always diagnose both bow leg and knock knee through physical examinations. In extreme cases, they perform X-ray additionally to gather additional information about the knee joint and determine the exact cause.


Both knock knee and bow leg normalize and self-correct as the child grows. Hence, orthopaedics often tries to treat the bone diseases non-surgically. They treat the bone diseases with shoe inserts, braces, or physical therapy if the symptoms are normal. But the orthopaedic perform surgery only if the symptoms of the bone disease are severe. They change the child’s knees surgically only if he is more than 10 years old.


Both knock knee and bow leg become normal as the child grows. But the orthopaedic require parents to make the child wear braces or shoe inserts for a specific time frame to treat the bone diseases non-surgically. They even examine the child’s knees and legs at regular intervals to assess the severity of symptoms. On the other hand, the surgery helps the child to straighten his bowed leg or knocked knees within a short amount of time.

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