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What are bow legs?

Before going to the treatment of bow legs we, need to know what exactly bow legs are with its cause and symptom.

Bow legs are outward curving of legs, also known as Genu Varum. Persons are usually concerned about this syndrome when their toddler learns to walk on their growing phase. However, it is considered to be normal in infants or toddler since, it is the normal growing pattern of skeletal system.

Consequences of bow legs:

  • If Bow legs are not treated it may lead to arthritis in knees or hips over time.
  • Also it may lead to rickets.


Bow legs may be a cause as well as symptom of Rickets and Blount’s disease in rare cases.

Rickets is a disease that generally occurs due to deficiency of vitamin D. It is an essential vitamin required for the growth of the skeleton. Rickets was common disease years ago but now days its occurrence is infrequent. However it may still occur. Breast fed infants are at a high risk when they lack to receive vitamin D from mother.

Blount’s disease is another medical condition showing a symptom of bow legs. Blount’s disease is a condition the upper portion of the lower leg bone (tibia) does not develop properly. This condition worsens with severe bow legged syndrome.

Bow legs may also turn to knock-knees with the growth of the child. Knock-knees are matter of concern if the knees bend severely inward.

Bow legs may also be caused due to fractures that have not healed yet.

It may also be caused due to internal bacterial infections and due to calcium deficiency.

Bow Legs Symptom

  • The child possess severe outward bending of legs, knees do not touch while the child is standing with his ankles joined or walking
  • The child face problem in walking
  • Bowing of legs persist after the of three in the child
  • Sometimes only one leg is bowed severely
  • The child has pain in legs
  • The child is unusually short height


  • Bow legs can be prevented by checking the deficiency of vitamin D in the child.
  • Adequate calcium intake also reduces the chances of bow legs.

Treatment of bow legs

  • Though bow legs are common in infants or toddler to a certain age until which treatment is not required but it needs to be ruled out if it continues after 3 years of age to prevent the disease associated with it. Braces and shoes do not help much in these conditions. However, there is a modern treatment available like Hemiepiphysiodesis which is a growth modulation treatment by ‘8’ plate of these disorders. It is basically a cosmetic procedure to minimal the scar and morbidity. Bowing gets corrected gradually with the growth of the child.
  • Some non-surgical remedies are:
  1. Hanging exercises and swimming which also sometimes help in correcting bows legs.
  2. Exposure to sunlight for obtaining vitamin D produced by the skin also helps in proper growth of the bones.
  3. Some exercises under professional training can be essential for the correction of bows legs.
  4. Self-treatment can be done by the parents when the baby appears to be bowed leg. Preventing the use of heavy diapers and must encourage early walking of baby.
  5. Over weight must be checked.
  6. Nutritional requirement of calcium and vitamin D must be maintained.


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