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8 Tips for Coping with Cerebral Palsy |

Cerebral Palsy Treatment

Cerebral palsy is a disease which has no complete cure and dealing with this situation can become extremely difficult. Cerebral palsy is usually detected at a very small age and it is the parents who detect the symptoms. It is very important that you provide your child with constant support and solid backup from the doctors and support groups and counsellors. Here are some points which will help you cope.

What Treatment Works Effectively for Cerebral Palsy?

1. Let Go of Blame and Guilt:

When you first find out that something is wrong with the brain development of your child, your primary parent instincts start blaming you which in turn makes you feel guilty about the fact that the damage is probably your fault. Get rid of this feeling.

2. Join a Support Group:

Socialising with people who are going through the same situations will help you to deal better with the position you are in. A support group of other cerebral palsy patients or their relatives helps in coping with the situation.

3. Actively Work on Developing the Child’s Skills:

Each child suffering from cerebral palsy is different from the other and they have specific sets of skills which you need to work on and pay close attention to in order for your child to develop as there is no complete cure for it.

4. Advocate for Your Child:

When your child is suffering from cerebral palsy, it is your job to understand them and advocate on their behalf. Pay attention to them and get to know their limits so that you don’t push them beyond it unlike most people who will tell you to do so.

5. Encourage the Child’s Independence:

Your child is suffering from cerebral palsy and you should make them realise that they are capable of leading a perfectly independent life. If needed, provide them with small rewards that will encourage them to explore their skills and their environment.

6. Gather Information:

This is the age of technology and getting information about a certain topic is not really a problem. Gather as much information as possible on cerebral palsy; this will help you cope with the situation better. The internet is filled with information and you can also talk to doctors, counsellors for the same.

7. Use Respite Care:

It is quite obvious that you will care for your child. However, taking care of a child who suffers from cerebral palsy can be a hectic job and your child will require
attention all round the clock. This is where respite care givers come in. they will give you a break and take care of your child.

8. Do Not Let the Disability Become the Focus of the Family:

It is true that your child is suffering and you should be concerned about it. However avoid making your world revolve around this disability.

Hopefully these few points will help you cope with cerebral palsy and make your life a bit easier to survive in these tough times.

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